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Bride surprised to discover she’s married to five men



Dec 20, 2019, 15:23

It was supposed to be their happy day. A bride and groom went to register as newlyweds only to learn the civil affairs database has her listed as being married to five other men from four provinces.

The woman, Shang Junjun from Zhumadian, Central China's Henan Province, is accusing the men for stealing her identity, and her new husband backs her up.

Shang and her fiancé, Wang Xinping, went to the local civil affairs department to register their marriage on December 10, only to be shocked by the unexpected news.

The civil affairs database shows Shang married a man surnamed Meng from East China's Shandong Province in 2004, then two men named Du and Wang from North China's Hebei Province in 2004, a fourth man named in Yin from East China's Anhui Province in 2005, and a fifth man surnamed Shen from East China's Jiangsu Province, thepaper.cn reported on Wednesday. The report indicated that Shang was still registered as married to all five men.

Wang said he and Shang have had been together for more than ten years and she had never been unfaithful.

Shang believes she is being impersonated, but when she asked local police for help, she was told she would have to report her case to police in each province before the bogus marriages could be erased from the records.

The couple has not been allowed to register their own marriage yet. (source: thepaper.cn)

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the cops are very irresponsible, they should be fired treating a public member like that
Nothing new!
First, get the personal identification number confirmed to clarify if error was found.